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Capital Grill & sliders = yumm. From the ample parking & seating to a full menu of options, you can see the review already! Patient & courteous staff, fair pricing, & in the end empty clean plates are all good signs. Capital Grill is a great place a business lunch, and or a family night out. Open late you can count on them after the Demon Basket Ball game, or on your way to the movies. Capital Grill gets a Full tire review! You will not be disappointed!

Saturday eve!

Well another Friday has come & gone. Always welcome, Friday is a weekly goal to look forward to, as the eve of a weekend! So Saturday eve it is! Almost a holiday at least worth celebrating after five. From High school sporting events to packed restaurants, venues all over town accommodate our need for the end of a work week. Some of us start the Friday celebration with lunch. Business owners all over Santa Fe that belong to FNL( )meet at restaurant’s  in groups of 5 or less, to learn about each other, & their businesses. This past Friday the 15th was another one for the books. Total of four guests we earned our right to dine by navigating a busy but ample parking area. The Midtown Bistro is always popular. The Fish & chips were my go too choice & as always I was not disappointed. The Bistro has recently added more dinning space inside, & in the summer the outside patio area is supper inviting. The Bistro is locally owned and the team is professional & ready to make each visit a pleasure. This is a great date night location, with fresh roses on each table all year. The owner has been known to hire high school students, offering a great learning environment. That is a testament to the contribution that the owner makes to Santa Fe! Earning Mid town Bistro a well deserved FULL Tire Review!

###5 Restaurant review

Zia dinner was my last Friday Stop. Lunch for 3 is what it turned out to be. When we have less attend we get a lot of networking done. I had the pork shanks & was not disappointed. Even experienced some order envy, as the other dishes were served at the table. Everyone was satisfied with results & the Zia gets a Full tire review. Parking is ample if you know to drive around the back & utilize the designated parking. You can drive into “The Whole Hog” parking lot & then continue around behind Zia, and just tell the attendant that you are dining at the Zia. Pricing is fair & Service is always great. The staff even remember your name? ( my name tag helps )One last time the Zia is a great place to enjoy a great meal!

Restaurant number four

True blue collar me on time and hungry = easy to please. Business owner me = zillion things to get done, but for one hour, networking is the main focus. The shared parking lot at the busy shopping center on Cordova has plenty of space, if you are not too picky? Wherever you dock your Vessel, the walk is short.The venue is small, and easy to navigate,as is the menu.The staff were on 5-star response & our order was swift, hot & pleasing to the eye as well as the pallet. Be hungry adventurous, & the Pyramid Cafe will do the rest. We all left satisfied, & inspired by the networking that we accomplished. A FULL Tire review is well deserved!

Restaurant review #3

This past Friday I was spoiled rotten again! Five business owners including my self met at The Luminaria  Restaurant inside the Loretto Hotel.On any Friday at 12 noon Cerrillos Rd. gets to be an Indy 500 under a caution flag & Cautious you better be!  I winded my way down town against the clock, and surprise, Valet parking! Very cool, which meant, I was not late.I learned that this “Luminaria” is a great venue for tourist & locals alike. I ordered a Ruben & this was a Chef inspired & executed, gourmet sandwich. The staff were all very attentive & polite. Each one of us expressed  how good our experience was, & that we would be fortunate to be reassigned this venue again.The Luminaria get a Full Tire review. Bring some cash so that the Valet gets a tip, & allow a few extra minutes to have your vehicle retrieved.Take a friend or your better half & you will be a better half too.

Restaurant Critic #2

Once more my brown bag pallet was welcomed by a table set for guests, as I set out to find everything positive about this venture.How full will the Tire be in this review? Read on & see.The beginning to a bad joke might start like this. What do you get, when a therapist, a photographer, a cosmetic specialist, & a Mechanic meet for lunch? But this is no joke, & the punch line is a positive experience. Smiling faces, healthy choices, fresh, grilled, & gourmet by the ounce. Intimate, setting with easy access & ample parking, that compliments the venue. Walking in & immediately able to serve & select from the wide variety of pallet teasing dishes. The team at Saveur Bistro is quick to greet you, and offer their services to make your lunch one to savior! Living up to the name this restaurant is an example of excellent planning & the ability to provide a healthy choice of fresh food in a small setting that offers HUGE quality. You pay by the ounce, with any variety of tender options, cash or plastic. This Friday was a hit as I sat with fellow entrepreneurs that have all met before. The conversations were as refreshing as the meal & everyone gained a great start to a should be “Great” weekend. The ambiance of the venue combined with good (diverse) company, reinforced how powerful networking can be, & also how empowering to the sole it should be. Once more FNL has set the bar within reach for all who are willing to improve. Saveur Bistro gets a FULL-TIRE approval from The Auto Angel!

The fallowing links are for the friends I shared this lunch with:

Restaurant review

Opinions are by far over rated & bad ones usually are the loudest. Taking care to swim upstream the following is a Tire 1/2 full, approach. Finding as positive about my recent experience as possible. This week my FNL assignment was to meet for lunch at ” Light Vessel” . Typically my blue collar self feels more comfortable eating lunch out of a brown bag or lunch box, rather than a table set with multiple forks. So to say the least I am always not so comfortable leaving work to enjoy a professionally prepared lunch in a nice restaurant. The parking at DeVargas mall in front of the Vessel was easy, free, and plentiful. Walking through the entrance was a welcoming sign suggesting that I sit where I choose. The staff were all very professional, & super nice. The meal I chose was a pizza,(gluten free) , the beverage was water, followed by an Americano, to chase the cupcake my sweet tooth had to have. The ceiling has an Awesome mural of ancient symbol painted on it. After paying a fair price for my entire lunch, the staff and some of their loyalist helped me choose a desert to go for “Mrs. Auto Angel”. I left satisfied that the location, food & service were all very good. If you go expect fair priced health food. Nothing died or fried. Real salt & conscious water use for everyone to enjoy. The Vessel earns a full tire review!

First Annual Memorial Toy Drive

file5531293158722Please join us in honoring your loved ones and dear friends that have passed away by donating one new toy. The toys are being collected at The Auto Angel, Inc., 3140 Cerrillos Rd. All of the toys collected will be delivered by truck with a motorcycle escort (weather permitting) to the Pecos Christmas children’s party, December 12, 2015. The children of San Miguel County will be able to meet Santa & enjoy treats. This collaboration is between Southwest Capitol Bank, Knights of Columbus, & The American Legion. The Auto Angel has set out to collect new toys in memory of Gabriel’s brother, Phil “Cisco” Garcia, who passed away this July. Phil was a true biker & the brothers frequented other toy drives in the past. To honor Phil, Gabriel is requesting that in memory of someone you have lost please donate a toy so that a child may enjoy a brighter holiday this year. Toys must be new in original packaging & not gift wrapped. The last day toys will be accepted is December 11th. The party in Pecos is on December 12th. Thank you for taking the time to read this & considering participating.