Restaurant review #3

This past Friday I was spoiled rotten again! Five business owners including my self met at The Luminaria  Restaurant inside the Loretto Hotel.On any Friday at 12 noon Cerrillos Rd. gets to be an Indy 500 under a caution flag & Cautious you better be!  I winded my way down town against the clock, and surprise, Valet parking! Very cool, which meant, I was not late.I learned that this “Luminaria” is a great venue for tourist & locals alike. I ordered a Ruben & this was a Chef inspired & executed, gourmet sandwich. The staff were all very attentive & polite. Each one of us expressed  how good our experience was, & that we would be fortunate to be reassigned this venue again.The Luminaria get a Full Tire review. Bring some cash so that the Valet gets a tip, & allow a few extra minutes to have your vehicle retrieved.Take a friend or your better half & you will be a better half too.

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