Cracked up!

Can you see the crack? This picture was tweeted from the top of La Bajada  through a windshield that needs to be replaced. We can professionally  repair chips before they spread  and avoid complete windshield replacements.Most insurance policies cover windshield repair. Call us for an in depth explanation or to schedule your appointment.

Medal of Honor

SFC  Leroy A. Petry, is a living local Hero.He  received The Medal of Honor from President Obama. This photo on twitter was taken 3-14-14 of the Bronze in front of city hall in downtown Santa Fe. Seeing this in person is a great reminder of how great the USA really is.Thank you to all Veterans, you are all Hero’s!

Tweet tweet

This was a photo taken of a true mile stone.This vehicle stopped in for headlight.How many miles can you expect to get out of a headlight?Subaru, Honda, Ford, does it matter? Maintenance is always important but proactive headlight replacement, may mean replace both when one is out.If that is cost effective then why not?


This picture is of a worn out balance shaft belt.The belt should have teeth like a timing belt.The customer drove in with a complaint that the car felt abnormal and sounded bad.Both were caused by the engine vibrating and due to the balance shaft was not spinning caused by the worn belt.We replaced both the timing belt & the balance shaft belt repairing the problem that cased the complaints. Another happy person one car at a time!