Restaurant review

Opinions are by far over rated & bad ones usually are the loudest. Taking care to swim upstream the following is a Tire 1/2 full, approach. Finding as positive about my recent experience as possible. This week my FNL assignment was to meet for lunch at ” Light Vessel” . Typically my blue collar self feels more comfortable eating lunch out of a brown bag or lunch box, rather than a table set with multiple forks. So to say the least I am always not so comfortable leaving work to enjoy a professionally prepared lunch in a nice restaurant. The parking at DeVargas mall in front of the Vessel was easy, free, and plentiful. Walking through the entrance was a welcoming sign suggesting that I sit where I choose. The staff were all very professional, & super nice. The meal I chose was a pizza,(gluten free) , the beverage was water, followed by an Americano, to chase the cupcake my sweet tooth had to have. The ceiling has an Awesome mural of ancient symbol painted on it. After paying a fair price for my entire lunch, the staff and some of their loyalist helped me choose a desert to go for “Mrs. Auto Angel”. I left satisfied that the location, food & service were all very good. If you go expect fair priced health food. Nothing died or fried. Real salt & conscious water use for everyone to enjoy. The Vessel earns a full tire review!

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