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The Tire is Half Full

Saturday eve!

Well another Friday has come & gone. Always welcome, Friday is a weekly goal to look forward to, as the eve of a weekend! So Saturday eve it is! Almost a holiday at least worth celebrating after five. From High school sporting events to packed restaurants, venues all over town accommodate our need for the…

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Restaurant number four

True blue collar me on time and hungry = easy to please. Business owner me = zillion things to get done, but for one hour, networking is the main focus. The shared parking lot at the busy shopping center on Cordova has plenty of space, if you are not too picky? Wherever you dock your…

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Restaurant Critic #2

Once more my brown bag pallet was welcomed by a table set for guests, as I set out to find everything positive about this venture.How full will the Tire be in this review? Read on & see.The beginning to a bad joke might start like this. What do you get, when a therapist, a photographer,…

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Restaurant review

Opinions are by far over rated & bad ones usually are the loudest. Taking care to swim upstream the following is a Tire 1/2 full, approach. Finding as positive about my recent experience as possible. This week my FNL assignment was to meet for lunch at ” Light Vessel” . Typically my blue collar self…

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