Restaurant Critic #2

Once more my brown bag pallet was welcomed by a table set for guests, as I set out to find everything positive about this venture.How full will the Tire be in this review? Read on & see.The beginning to a bad joke might start like this. What do you get, when a therapist, a photographer, a cosmetic specialist, & a Mechanic meet for lunch? But this is no joke, & the punch line is a positive experience. Smiling faces, healthy choices, fresh, grilled, & gourmet by the ounce. Intimate, setting with easy access & ample parking, that compliments the venue. Walking in & immediately able to serve & select from the wide variety of pallet teasing dishes. The team at Saveur Bistro is quick to greet you, and offer their services to make your lunch one to savior! Living up to the name this restaurant is an example of excellent planning & the ability to provide a healthy choice of fresh food in a small setting that offers HUGE quality. You pay by the ounce, with any variety of tender options, cash or plastic. This Friday was a hit as I sat with fellow entrepreneurs that have all met before. The conversations were as refreshing as the meal & everyone gained a great start to a should be “Great” weekend. The ambiance of the venue combined with good (diverse) company, reinforced how powerful networking can be, & also how empowering to the sole it should be. Once more FNL has set the bar within reach for all who are willing to improve. Saveur Bistro gets a FULL-TIRE approval from The Auto Angel!

The fallowing links are for the friends I shared this lunch with:

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