Cracked up!

Can you see the crack? This picture was tweeted from the top of La Bajada  through a windshield that needs to be replaced. We can professionally  repair chips before they spread  and avoid complete windshield replacements.Most insurance policies cover windshield … Continue reading

Tweet tweet

This was a photo taken of a true mile stone.This vehicle stopped in for headlight.How many miles can you expect to get out of a headlight?Subaru, Honda, Ford, does it matter? Maintenance is always important but proactive headlight replacement, may … Continue reading

Wiped out

This is a photo of severely worn out wiper blades on a car that was in for routine maintenance.We replaced them with new Bosch Evolution wiper blades.You can learn more about the Bosch product at … Continue reading


This picture is of a worn out balance shaft belt.The belt should have teeth like a timing belt.The customer drove in with a complaint that the car felt abnormal and sounded bad.Both were caused by the engine vibrating and due … Continue reading